29 04, 2022

Caritas report from Beregszas, Transcarpathia Ukraine

"Actually the situation in Ukraine is very disturbing. In the east and south regions there is still heavy military operation. The humanitarian corridors around the closed cities don't work yet. With the war neighboring regions there is a huge humanitarian catastrophe maturing. A

3 04, 2022

Ukraine emergency Fund

Sharing America’s Resources Abroad The Heartland Conference S.A.R.A. partnership will serve as a conduit for aid to partners in Ukraine who are suffering as a result of the war. Daily, our partners are bringing food and water relief to displaced Ukrainians in Transcarpathia. Please know

7 06, 2021


ZOOM presentation was wonderful.  We had more than 30 participants. NEWS:  Lana Sakash is planning a SARA...come and see trip, to St. Michaels' Home (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) in August. Lana and the staff presented the video and tour on ZOOM As she prepares

27 02, 2021

Dr. Alex (Sandor) Rovt

Dr. Alex Rovt In the world of finances and business, Alex Rovt is well-known.  However, it should be noted that he has changed his occupation to "Philanthropist" In a call from Paris, Stephen met Alex.  "I am from Munkacs/Mukachevo in Transcarpathia. I

27 02, 2021

Dear SARA family and friends,  The pandemic and weather have slowed our work down but with the guidance and love of the Holy spirit, the mission continues to improve the health and education of those in need. Our dear secretary and friend,

22 07, 2020

Lillian Monda

This is Lillian "Lil" Monda.  Whe Lil married Fred Monda, she moved to Conneaut, Ohio.  A full blooded Hungarian raised in the Hungarian Reformed Church, loving the Lord and Freddie with her heart, she sought a church.  She was thrilled to hear

22 07, 2020

Marty Siegel

  How do you spell"joy", "hope" and "smiley OT"? Look at the pictures, look at the one with the biggest smile.  This is not the story that our Board Member, Martha "Marty" Siegel submitted the website  Marty was in a bind, many

21 07, 2020

Our President, Dr. Ralph Quellhorst

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, "Let me tell you about S.A.R.A." Stephen's first introductory message to our dear friend, The Rev. Dr. Ralph Quellhorst.  (Pictured below, Ukraine) Ralph was the Minister and Leader of the Ohio Conference of the United

17 03, 2020

Rehabilitation center in Rat

Dear Lana! Today in the morning I spoke with Melinda – director of Rehabilitation center in Rat – according it actual situation there is the next: From University of Uzhgorod groups of students (mainly physiotherapists and psychologists) plan to come for practice

21 01, 2017

A special dedication

Many friends and colleagues of SARA, celebrated the dedication and opening of a New Orthopedic Specialty Unit at the Childrens Hospital in Munkacs/Mukachevo, Transcarpathia, Ukraine. The administrator welcomed guests from Hungary, England, the states of Ohio and Tennessee, and many government

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