Dear SARA family and friends, 

The pandemic and weather have slowed our work down but with the guidance and love of the Holy spirit, the mission continues to improve the health and education of those in need.

Our dear secretary and friend, The Rev. Elaine Mikesell lost her life in a tragic accident last year.

Our sympathy and condolences go to her beloved husband, Alan and family.  The kind loving spirit of Elaine lives on because of the many remembrances to the El Salvador mission.  Alan has also provided funds to The Nagydobrony Good Samaritan Home.

One of our first directors, Carl Eldred, passed away due to the ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Our beloved Stephen and dear Ralph Quellhorst also passed away.

One of our first patients from Transcarpathia, Ukraine, went to the Erie Shriners Hospital many years ago.  When she returned, she finished her professional training, became a nurse, wife and mother of two.  Nati was so happy to meet us, Stephen and Jeannie, on one of our many visits.

Another visitor, Vicky, also from Transcarpathia, spent her final year of high school in Pennsylvania.  Her hosts were Jim and Gizella.  Jim was our transportation director. After a bout of breast cancer, she received treatment and is now in remission.

Young Dr. Yuri D is married and has a beautiful baby girl.  His father is the first orthopedic surgeon to come to the US from Transcarpathia.

Valentina D. was a mere three feet tall when we met her.  After many years of searching for treatment, she finally had her surgery in Pecs, Hungary.  The physician/surgeon was Dr. Miklos TC;  he was assisted by the senior Dr. Yuri D. She had extensive rehabilitation in a rehabilitation hospital in Budapest.

Sveta, from Russia and Olga from Kiev, also received life changing surgeries and love from the SARA families in the US.

Our e-mail and telephone lines are always open for questions.  Also, we have a exciting and excited team of speakers who are available for you, your church or service club.


SARA’s work is not done:  as soon as the restrictions of the virus  are lifted, more treatment, more doctors will travel and more lives will be saved.


Please note the change of address for your gifts.  We depend on your prayers as well as your financial support.

There are so many more stories to tell, so many more bodies to heal.

with love and blessings, Jeannie