Everyday in my email box, I receive the news from Jerusalem. It keeps me updated of the news in the world as it relates to the lives of the Jewish Nation. One of the headlines read”….the backbone of Jewish efforts in Ukraine.” The article posted the sites, the new buildings, the personnel and their leaders that are active in Ukraine. It made me wonder: What does SARA, in Ohio , and beyond have in Ukraine, in Transcarpathia Ukraine, in Hungary, in El Salvador, in other countries that have requested our help? It would have taken me hours to contemplate, to write and to acknowledge all of our donors, our volunteers. Yes SARA is actively maintained by Volunteers exclusively. Every dime, every penny is used for those in need. We have not been able to bring more doctors or health care professionals to the US for extensive training as in the past.
SASRA is a back bone, but unseen, SARA is a mighty force of Jesus, and for His glory only.
As one advertiser in the Cleveland television commercial said at the end of his message, from me also, “Thanks for listening/reading.”

SARA and the ‘big red board” will be at the Annual Gathering of the Heartland Conference on Sept. 22 and 23, in Westerville, Ohio. Come see me and our Ecumenical director, Lana Sakash.