Some asked, “where oh where has SARA gone?”

No where! just busy coordinating funds, visitors, donors and overseas trips. And two of our board members of our board are leaving shortly.

One of members, Dr. Oksana Jackson, on her own time and expense, has made two trips to Ukraine, maybe more. Oksana is a pediatric oral plastic surgeon, from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her ancestry reaches back by at least one generation to Ukraine.

The contributions to the Heartland Conference, UCC, have slowed. Please continue with your support and prayers as we take the needed supplies and funds to the state of Transcarpathia, in Ukraine.

Looking for a speaker, a church presentation for Sunday School/Christian Education projects? We have a publicity chairperson, Marty Siegel, you can reach her at

With love and gratitude,


S. Jean Szilagyi, Co-Founder and President
Sharing America’s Resources Abroad, SARA
141 Cummins Avenue
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
440-789-4757 cell/mobile

p.s. Addition to the volunteers, in the position of tech helper is coming soon