ZOOM presentation was wonderful.  We had more than 30 participants.

NEWS:  Lana Sakash is planning a SARA…come and see trip, to St. Michaels’ Home (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) in August. Lana and the staff presented the video and tour on ZOOM

As she prepares for this exciting mission, please start collecting over the counter medicines, childrens vitamins, any creams or ointments that do not require a prescription.  Slightly Used medical instruments or instruments are also needed.  Both St. Michael’s and Good Samaritan Children’s Home need socks, shoes, little girls underwear, toothpaste, toothbrushes…..please check with Lana

For more information:  lanasakash@gmail.com, (419)348-3894


NEWS:  Marty Siegel is planning a SARA…come and see trip to Hungary and The Hungarian Reformed Church Good Samaritan Children’s Home. (Nagydobrony, Transcarpathia)….Ukraine after Labor Day.

As she prepares for this very exciting mission, she is also requesting the items mentioned above.

For more information: martyot@hotmail.com,  (419) 271-3926


Dr. George Szilagyi stated,”If you have the means, come and see.  If you have the means, donate.”

Donations are received at:  Heartland Conference UCC, P.O. Box 1230, Worthington, OH 43085.                         It is most important to designate/specify in the notation box on a check , the institution or person that. you wish to receive your gift.


As always, our Co-President, Jean(Jeannie) Szilagyi, is available to answer questions, about your donations and other sites. We welcome medical and health professionals input to augment to our work as an authentic medical mission.  (440)571-3000, szilsara@gwcmail.net


Dated. June 7, 2021