The following is an except about one of SARA’s favorite surgeons, Dr. Akos Kiss

Since 2005, he has been going to Transcarpathia to operate and perform reconstructive surgeries on children born with developmental disorders. If it is still not possible to operate on the sick child in the Münkacsi hospital, he goes to the ministry in order to be able to perform the operation for free in the mother country. Previously, the surgical instruments at the Munkacsi hospital were almost unusable, so he acquired new ones with the help of the American Reformed Church or as a donation from companies that manufacture medical instruments. As a result, surgeries no longer have to be postponed due to missing medical instruments. The people of Subcarpathia only call him Dr. Ákos, and we know from the media there that he is surrounded by enormous respect and great love, not knowing that he works outside for free during his own leave.