This is Lillian “Lil” Monda.  Whe Lil married Fred Monda, she moved to Conneaut, Ohio.  A full blooded Hungarian raised in the Hungarian Reformed Church, loving the Lord and Freddie with her heart, she sought a church.  She was thrilled to hear the gospel, she was thrilled to hear the choir, she loved the “Drop  in, Drop Out” Sunday School class, at the First United Church of Christ.  And the Preacher was a Hungarian. Stephen and Jeannie were planning another mission to Ukraine.  This time it included almost 100 people from VOSH, “Volunteer Optometric service to Humanity”. She figured that the group would have to go through Hungary and she knew her mother was born there.  She signed up and began the long trip on a bus from Ferenc Liszt airport to Transcarpathia Ukraine.  The unofficial tour guide was Dr. George Szilagyi, son of Jeannie and Stephen.They talked about the history of Hungary and the Reformed Church;  Lil told him about her mother who was born “somewhere” over there.  George explained the changing of borders over the course of years, especially during and after WWI and WWI. After settling into a church member’s home upon arrival to the VOSH site, she set out to find her mother’s birthday place.  Not only did hse find it, she also acquired another family which adopted her as their own.  One of her host’s offered to come to the US and care for Lil’s mother-n-law. In 2020, Lil was preparing to return to Hungary, but she was not able , due to the pandemic. (Don’t tell her, she will be 84 in August, she still rides her bike around Conneaut and maintains her love for her adopted family in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.)