Alex was born in Munkacs, Transcarpathia, Ukraine. He was introduced to SARA by Dr. Yuriy Demiyan, one of the first orthopedic surgeons from the same town. Yuri was visiting Dr. Albert Sanders in Texas, who had perfected a special surgical procedure for Scoliosis of the spine. Dr. Sanders asked Alex to call us, which he did, from Paris. He told Stephen, ” I am a Hungarian Jew from Munkacs and any thing you need: Just ask me”. since that time, A;ex has donated many gifts including a new van for the Good Samaritan Children’s Home in Nagydobrony and a completely renovated Operating suite at the Children’s Hospital in Munkacs. His executive vice President, Irina P has coordinated procurement of visas, hotel accomodations, transportation and even world famous New York bagels. Our sincere love and gratitude for their marvelous faithful contributions.