Over the years, many years, our ecumenical Director, Lana Sakash and her husband and their many friends, have supported St. Michaels’ Home in Rat(mark over the “a”), Transcarpathia. Lana was encouraged by our Founder to work with Bishop Antal Majnel, in Munkacs/Mukachevo, Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Family homes were built for children who have been abandoned, neglected or orphaned. Most recently, another building with an indoor swimming pool and elevator was added for rehabilitation in the whole state. A Roman Catholic chapel was built on-site. An equestrian program is available and an new vocational school in planned for the future. ( see photos above)

As always, the activities and expansions and programs are funded exclusively by personal donations.
Rotary International provided grants of appliances in the homes.

Personal donations may be mailed to Heartland Conference, UCC
PO Box 1230
Worthington, OH 43085

Your check or paypal donations should be designated: St. Michael’s Home

Clothing, (new,used and clean clothes), OTC medicines, vitamins, slippers, mittens, (see above of a most recent shipment) are needed. St. Michael’s has served many refugees from the Eastern Ukraine bombed sites.

Sometimes it feels like we don’t say “thank you” enough simply because we do not reply quickly enough, either by phone or e-mail, or a personal thank you note.. We are grateful for all our donors. They allow us to give medical care as needed at the many hospitals we serve in Hungary and Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

Check the NWOA website for SARA’s work in El Salvador