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14 04, 2024


Attention Sunday School Teachers and Students: .    Are you looking for a project for VBS, SS classes, all church mission project? SARA is collecting funds to send gummies/vitamins to the kids at the Good Samaritan Children's Home, St. Michaels Home and

27 11, 2023

Giving Tuesday

  Mr. Laszlo Katko, Administrator of The Nagydobrony Reformed Good Samaritan Children's Home, in Transcarpathia, Ukraine  passed away last week.  Anyone that served as part of a mission over the years knew Laci bacsi, He was a friend, father, brother, husband, Godfather,

29 08, 2023

Dr. Nicholas(Miklos) Tapay and Dr. Elizabeth Biro

Dr. Nick Tapay was the pediatric and allergy doctor for the Szilagyi Children from 1969 and subsequently included their granddaughter, Eliza, in Palhaza Hungary.  He became SARA's second Medical Director and Consultant.  This dear friend and colleague passed away just recently. We

29 08, 2023

Rev. Dr. David Pandy-Szekeres, Executive Director, SARA

David and his wife Anna, as missionaries from the Presbyterian Churches in Canada, founded and established almost 30 Roma/Gypsy schools and Churches in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. He was recommended to SARA by a older loyal Hungarian Reformed church missionary,"Donnie Bacsi" With excellent credentials

11 08, 2023

SARA is not lost

Some asked, "where oh where has SARA gone?" No where! just busy coordinating funds, visitors, donors and overseas trips. And two of our board members of our board are leaving shortly. One of members, Dr. Oksana Jackson, on her own time and

23 01, 2023

Updates, 01/23/2023

Good morning dear SARA family and friends, We give thanks to God every day for your continued support . The Ukraine emergency fund is still open for further gifts. The total amount raised since the war began has exceeded $100,000. SARA's finance

15 09, 2022

Our dear Pediatric surgeon

The following is an except about one of SARA's favorite surgeons, Dr. Akos Kiss Since 2005, he has been going to Transcarpathia to operate and perform reconstructive surgeries on children born with developmental disorders. If it is still not possible to operate

15 09, 2022

Heartland Gathering

September 22 and 23, 2022 Come one, come all, to the Annual Gathering of the Heartland Conference of the United Church of Christ, at the Westerville Community, United Church of Christ.(north of Columbus, OH) SARA will be there with the big red

10 09, 2022


AN EDITORIAL FROM THE PRESIDENT: Everyday in my email box, I receive the news from Jerusalem. It keeps me updated of the news in the world as it relates to the lives of the Jewish Nation. One of the headlines read"....the backbone

11 07, 2022

Keeping you Posted: Ukraine

Sometimes it feels like we don't say "thank you" enough simply because we don't reply quickly. So many of our friends around the world, in churches and service organizations, are generous in their contributions to SARA's Emergency Fund for Ukraine. We are

29 06, 2022

St. Michael’s, Rat, Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Over the years, many years, our ecumenical Director, Lana Sakash and her husband and their many friends, have supported St. Michaels' Home in Rat(mark over the "a"), Transcarpathia. Lana was encouraged by our Founder to work with Bishop Antal Majnel, in Munkacs/Mukachevo,

23 05, 2022

St. Michael’s Home

y participating in yesterday's "Love" concert, we also collected donations for Szent Mihály Gyermekotthon in Transcarpathia. Putin's war causes the Transcarpathian Hungarians to suffer, of course, in Ráto, only a closer relationship with the EU can mean a safer future for them.

29 04, 2022

Caritas report from Beregszas, Transcarpathia Ukraine

"Actually the situation in Ukraine is very disturbing. In the east and south regions there is still heavy military operation. The humanitarian corridors around the closed cities don't work yet. With the war neighboring regions there is a huge humanitarian catastrophe maturing. A

3 04, 2022

Ukraine emergency Fund

Sharing America’s Resources Abroad The Heartland Conference S.A.R.A. partnership will serve as a conduit for aid to partners in Ukraine who are suffering as a result of the war. Daily, our partners are bringing food and water relief to displaced Ukrainians in Transcarpathia. Please know

7 06, 2021


ZOOM presentation was wonderful.  We had more than 30 participants. NEWS:  Lana Sakash is planning a SARA...come and see trip, to St. Michaels' Home (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) in August. Lana and the staff presented the video and tour on ZOOM As she prepares

27 02, 2021

Dr. Alex (Sandor) Rovt

Dr. Alex Rovt In the world of finances and business, Alex Rovt is well-known.  However, it should be noted that he has changed his occupation to "Philanthropist" In a call from Paris, Stephen met Alex.  "I am from Munkacs/Mukachevo in Transcarpathia. I

27 02, 2021

Dear SARA family and friends,  The pandemic and weather have slowed our work down but with the guidance and love of the Holy spirit, the mission continues to improve the health and education of those in need. Our dear secretary and friend,

22 07, 2020

Lillian Monda

This is Lillian "Lil" Monda.  Whe Lil married Fred Monda, she moved to Conneaut, Ohio.  A full blooded Hungarian raised in the Hungarian Reformed Church, loving the Lord and Freddie with her heart, she sought a church.  She was thrilled to hear

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