Reverend Stephen Szilagyi spoke to the Upper Sandusky Rotary Club in October 1996 about the orphanages and mental hospitals In Ukraine. As I sat there, I felt he was speaking directly to me. As a Social Worker, my heart was deeply touched by the slides and the stories Stephen shared. I went on the first group trip in February, 1997, and I have been going ever since. It is the most rewarding thing I have done. Each trip we take  or ship medical supplies, equipment, and across the counter medications. On my third trip, Stephen introduced me to Bishop Antal Majnek. Since then I have been involved in many projects; St. Michael’s Children’s Home, The Rehabilitation Center in Ra’t that provides services to children in the entire region, the ladies embroidery project, a soup kitchen,  wells for a Roma village and teaching English. There have been other small projects and throughout the year, we ship clothing, shoes and other needed items. If you would like to be involved with SARA,  there are many opportunities!