Many friends and colleagues of SARA, celebrated the dedication and opening of a New Orthopedic Specialty Unit at the Childrens Hospital in Munkacs/Mukachevo, Transcarpathia, Ukraine. The administrator welcomed guests from Hungary, England, the states of Ohio and Tennessee, and many government officials from Hungary and Ukraine. Co-President Dr. Alex Rovt pledged to buy new equipment for this unit. THE EQUIPMENT HAS ARRIVED!!!!!

After the ceremony of dedication, listed above, a bronze plague was also dedicated in honor of Dr. Rovt for his gracious and generous donations. These gifts will allow our dear orthopedic doctor, Dr. Yuri Demyian, to proceed with scoliosis surgery on more than 17 children in the Transcarpathian state. Another physician, Dr. Anton Kinzman, an anesthesiologist from the hospital, is studying advanced procedures this month at the Childrens Hospital of Pennsylvania. Thank you dear SARA friends for your continued prayers and support. The city of Munkacs/Mukachevo is welcoming this opportunity to serve it’s citizens and their families.