Dear Lana!

Today in the morning I spoke with Melinda – director of Rehabilitation center in Rat – according it actual situation there is the next:

From University of Uzhgorod groups of students (mainly physiotherapists and psychologists) plan to come for practice to our rehabilitation center from one week to one month period.  Just today Melinda will negotiate with them about it.

Official registration of horse therapy is almost ready – it started one year ago and it is very bureaucratic – but really the therapy began and go very good by help of three therapists. Horses are hardened for this purpose.

Dentist also works already in center.  Now he works each Tuesday and Thursday  and children from very poor families and orphans can come without paying for it.

From donation that you sent us (first part) we ordered (pay an advance) for  the elevator (to put in and out physically handicapped people to and from pool) from Kijev and in some weeks they must transport it.

Usually families come from various locations. Who come from far places – they can live in living rooms of administrative building and mothers cooked there and lead their child to therapies. Every day 15 -20 children come to rehabilitation center – it is maximum workload from the center.

One of most impressive personal story was last winter – when one mother – who usually do not take part on therapies – unexpectedly came and see how is going the therapy with her 4 and a half years old child. After she started making  video about process and during this her sun began going on his leg – first times in his life. After some weeks (and meetings with speech therapist) this boy said his first word „mother”  and now – one year later – he could oneself phoned to her mother and speek with her.

In many occasions were that approximately one year old babies who can not sit – after 10-20 occasions of massage sat up.

Also there was a 14 years old boy who absolutly do not want to go to the school (he shouted, was agressive) and also stuttered. After 20 meeting with speech therapist and some occasion with psychologists – this problems ended. Now he very like to visit the rehabilitation center.

About St.Michael Orphanage in Rat I can write the next:

Biro Arpad the director of the orphanage is very ill, espacially during last three months. Thanks to God that his sun Peter in 2019 come back from Ireland and after wedding with Eva they decided to work at home. So most of work that Arpad did – now do Peter (from phisically work to organisational work).  Eva regularly helps children with home work in 4-th house.

Now one of financial problem is that they want to buy a microbus for Pastornicki family (6 orphan and 4 own children) – as other two families have it but Pastornicki family has not it. According decission of bishop family Lelekács (who in December 2019 go out from first house – as children raised up ) could keep the 14 old year mikrobus – as they did a „good job” bringing up orphans during 13 years and also because family Lelekács have 3 own children and plus one orphan left to live with them (and other orphans often visit them).  Bishop said that he could give 8000 USD for buying a mikrobus for Pastornyicki family. Now we are thinking what to do. Because for this money it is possible to buy a 14-15 years old bus – but it would be very expensive the operating of it. If we could find somewhere plus 7-8000 usd – for this money we can buy 6 years old – that would be very good for this family.

In last weeks we received most of machines for woodworker workshop. They were buyed by help of one good possibility that gave us from Bamberg (Germany).


Feher Ferenc

Mukachevo, 2020.03.04